The Confession

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Views

The semester has starts. Yes, I am ready, it’s not like I have any other option but to be ready=D

I look forward to classes, I just wish that UiTM isn’t as pack and inconvenience as it is. Pff. WHo am I to complain. UiTM Sentiasa Dihatiku. Honest.=)

If i could choose to take my course from any other universities in Malaysia, I would still choose to be in the Academy of Language Studies, UiTM. It’s not because of the distance, or the facilities, or the fees, or anything of that sort. I would still choose to be here because I see how enthusiastic and how dedicated the lectures in our faculties are. It makes me proud and deeply grateful to be learning from scholars who are highly concern about the students. Even though sometime it seems like we don’t have much to offer. But a lot of the time, it’s their belief and trust in us that  make me think that it is possible and achievable. I have felt this way from the 1st semester, i’m glad I still feel the same way.

In the words of Dr.O ” I believe that, given equal opportunity, everyone can succeed” ( something like this). He means to say that students who put their effort into something, will succeed, we fail only if we deserve to.  I would say that it was also with his support and believe in us that we manage to pass his subjects with flying colors. He used to say ” if you’re not into technology, get into in” which emphasis that I could and should not give any excuse for not doing well in his class.

I may put this on hold, but I am deeply grateful and honored to announce that, all of us ( the technology-un-savy-people-in- a-group..hehe( used to lah)) all 5 of us ( Rina, Kamiel, Abang Japor, Uyun and me) had successfully completed Dr.O subject in semester 4 with an A for our Multimedia Interactive Packaged 2 (MIP2) and Personal Project. Alhamdulillah. I know that there’s others with an A and more talented than us, but our story is( i highly believe), very distinctive from them. We are highly content with the completion of the project. It is our Blood, Sweat, and Tears. I owe you a post  of ‘our story’ on the  backstage of project. No I don’t=p. But I’ll write it down, so that if I live long enough, I may be telling it to my grandchildren.LOL. Kidding.

OK. New semester is exciting, so far. I still am not able to carried out all of my aims this year. I’m waiting to be head over heels with all the subjects=D hehehe. I don’t really like it when people say that I will cope well with business subject because I like to read or because we only have to memorize the facts. I respect it if people say that business subjects are something that you only have to read and memorize.

But in my opinion, knowledge are concepts. Concepts are there to explain situations, to explain reasons for occurrence and how theories work. What i’m trying to say is, we need to understand the concepts that lie behind everything that we study, they are excitingly interrelated. I’d say that, if you understand a concept of a subject, it’ll work like common sense. Memorizing facts would be a breeze if we grasp the concepts. So even though we may forget a term, or a list of steps, we can still recall, because we understand the concept of how the whole things work. It’s really not about memorizing, or defining terms, or endless theories, it’s really about understanding the concepts so that we can apply them. In the word of Dr. Mazli ” internalize the knowledge”, I couldn’t agree more=)

We have already been given 2 assignments and 1 presentation from Dr. Cynthia for our Persuasion and Negotiation class. Adi thinks that I’m gonna do well in this subject, if only she knew how nervous I am despite my high desire to wanting what she said actually come true. =( I only wish that my precision on grammar is a lot better than how it is today. I know I shouldn’t wish for them, I should put on conscious effort to actually achieve it. But HOW?

I am ashamed on how I couldn’t be very sure about my grammar, and how limited I am on my possession of vocabulary. Yes, I am insecure of the fact that I’m not good enough for my Major.   If only I can be as confident as Adi is in using the language. I guess my focus now should also be directed towards achieving the level of proficiency that will make me feel confident enough to be a reference once I’m out in the working world. InsyaAllah.

And owh, before I end this post, I’d just like to say that, I miss seeing Dr. Hawa around APB. I believe all of us( my classmate) miss her. =D The lecturer that I describe as ” An adventure” I still remember that she said she takes it as a compliment that I should say so=)

Safe to say that I welcome the new semester with widely open arms=D

Konvo diploma=)

Can’t wait to be a graduate of  Bachelor Degree of Applied Language Studies ( English for Professional Communication) ( Hons).

I entirely like the experience of learning, not that I’m rushing to anything, it’s just that at this age I feel more than responsible to be able to entirely support myself and contributing to the family as well. I won’t be long until I can achieve financial freedom ( in my dream.LOL). However my friend said ” cepat atau lambat tak menentukan kejayaan seseorang”. Well said, well said=D.


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